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i am desperate to know is it to late for my parents to do a SGO? last court case placement orders was made to be done... social services are now looking for adopters for my two children. i dont know what to do, I've heard of McKenzie friend but what exactly can they do and how do i go by it?? its for my parents as they want to have full care of there grandchildren, they failed the last assessment due to there was problems and couldn't have the kids during court proceedings temporary.. but now change of circumstances and can fully care for them till 18. help please ASAP!!! i now see my kids once a month

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Your parents need to seek representation to make an application for an SGO. Ridley & Hall specialise in representing grandparents. Unfortunately there is no legal aid available.

who can they speak to? can u refer for me please they live in tottenham london, but dont want to pay crazy mmoney, there worried of failing they want there grandkids

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