my kids have been placed on a ico

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My 2 children were placed in foster care.

i have health problems which all exist before my kids.

the local authority decided that over the last 8 years i have over medicalised my children and 1 time physically abused my son.

my children were on child in need register from small and febuary last year there social worker said she was wanting to close the case. We were all happy.

with in a week that did not happen the next thing i knew we had a new social worker my children had been put on child protection register. The farther was moved in the home to supervise me. Then we land up in court with local authority we then had a intense fact finding hearing which lead to the ico yesterday. Meanwhile my legal team advised me to agree to move out voluntarly and leave the farther to look after the children until the final hearing as the judge agreed with the local authority i was the and the farther are devestageted. I dont feel the reason for the allegations was explained to the judge and there are exception circumstances. I feel that my legal team have never wrote a statement that explains this. I have been told that i have no choice but to go for the physcological assement. I feel that i need to get a new legal represntentive who is going to be honest maybe help me get my kids home. Please advice me i saw u told another person to dispute the ico at each 28 day review i have not been told this. I gave been told to wait to the final hearing.meanwhile my children think i have abandon them forever.

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You would need to speak with Gemma or Louise to find out whether it is possible to change your representation at this stage. You can dispute the ICO when there has been a significant change ie the risk identified is resolved.

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