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Hi I am 7 months pregnant my baby is due in April. In 2013 I was living in the midlands with my 3 children in the April my youngest child at the time was placed onto an ico order due to me and my partner not taking him in a timely enough manner for a routine blood test and when we did he was found to have low hb levels and anemic.we were told because of this we had caused him harm by neglect.6 months later the local authority then removed my 2 elder children from our care as the judge said they could choose not to take them or to take them it was there this time they knew I was pregnant with my 4th child also.once my 4th child was born 4 days later they also removed her from our care due to the circumstances with my 3rd youngest child. The 2 youngest were placed into adoption and the two eldest were placed with ex partner parents into full time foster care which was ruled on the 18th of December 2013. Since then I have found out I was pregnant again with my 5th child but have moved back to wales where all of my family are and where I grew up. I live next door to my parents now and we have a property which is provided by my parents also. I told the dr at 6 weeks pregnant the circumstances of what happened with my 4 previous children whilst living in the I have been referred to the Welsh social services who are looking into my case as they need to decide what to plan with this the time in court on the final hearing I was told by my barrister that after 18 months the local authority would not be able to remove another child if I were to get pregnant again due to the same reasons as to what happened with my other children. I have been to every single antenatal appointment and am also having counciling for what happened 3 years ago.I was just wandering whether they would be able to remove my new baby once born even though what happened was 3 years ago am quite worried really as I am still waiting for the local authority here to let me know what there plans are going to be as they have been unable to gain any information from dudley social services but I have given them the care plans etc for the other 4 children.thankyou for your time.

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Yes, they can remove your 5th child from you. It is important that you have a prebirth assessment and ensure they know about all the positive changes you have made, how you fully understand why your other children were removed and how you have rectified the shortfalls in your parenting. It is possible that, even if your prebirth assessment is positive, they will still start care proceedings. Therefore it would be a good idea for you to speak to Gemma at my office now so she can support you through the prebirth assessment and ensure you have excellent representation who is ready to fight your corner once your child is born.

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