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  1. Has anyone ever had an apology from SS, in my case my GD does have a medical condition and we all have to carry a special card in case she has a serious injury. What made me ask this was a health visitor ( the same one that reported bruises to SS), was actually worried about visiting the family for GD2 health check. Health visitor would have seen all the medical reports about GD1 and there are no concerns about GD2. Both GD's are happy healthy girls with a loving supportive family, but the turn around in all this was when we went to the doctors and we said wanted a private referral, my husband had taken private health care on the girls as soon as they were born. GD1 does have a raft of issues, SS instead of trying to apportion blame and take a child from a loving home should really get some training
  2. What was the NAI, having been through a similar situation with my GD who has been diagnosed with a blood disorder
  3. Hi Brendan, just thought I'd update you and perhaps else going through a similar situation. Specialists have now confirmed GD1 does have major problems with blood clotting and hyper mobility, although we haven't had an exact name for her condition it has been agreed by consultants at the hospital that she does have a problem. She has had a heart scan which has identified other problems and we now have to carry a special card with us at all times in case she has an accident as she will have to have certain drugs to clot the blood. She will be under heart specialists/haematology and hypo mobility for the next five years. also more recently it seems her vision has a problem and now has to wear glasses at 3 years old, she is also undergoing hearing tests and possible referral to speech therapy. BUT she is a happy healthy much loved little girl. A recent visit for her younger sister from health visitors was very enlightening in the sense I got the impression we should of had some sort of apology from SS Anyway for those of you out there that know there is no intentional harm going on, stick to your guns, I demanded every blood test for disorders I was recommended by Brendan and a few more I had researched, and although it seems we have all been vindicated we might have many years of health problems to go through, but it does make me sick to my stomach that my granddaughter might have been taken into care and we might have never found out her true problems and she could have ended up anywhere without the help she needed.
  4. Brendan we did end up having to take her to A&E last thurs, after a very fraught day, lots of confusion and numerous calls from Health visitor and GP. The paediatric consultant sent us home with no concerns about safe guarding and said if we had gone to GP first we wouldn't have even been sent to A&E, but the health visitor and GP insisted. ANYWAY On clinical examination at the hospital GD1 is showing signs of extreme hypermobility and we are being referred for further testing, the consultant said she does have lots of bruising in places you would expect a toddler to have them and the odd bruise on places you wouldn't but nothing suspicious, coupled with certain aspects of her development we have been concerned about warrants further medical investigation. What is concerning to me is we have been raising issues about her development with health visitors for over a year and have always been fobbed off, on researching over the weekend the concerns we have had are classic signs of hypermobility, yet everyone so easily wanted to point fingers. Another not so important issue has cropped, DIL applied to be on the committee of GD's pre school, this has gone through but on talking to Ofsted they have told her that if it was an application to work with children it wouldn't be accepted because of her involvement with SS. DIL has previously been a Scout Leader and Child Minder, this could now jeopardise any future career she wants, can this be changed. Will keep you informed when GD's testing starts as again it might help others and again thank you for your time and responses
  5. Brendan I've rang the advice line to try and speak to someone but it was after 5.30, they did say they would try and get someone to call but I'm hoping you see this before the morning. Health visitor came today for 30 month visit, and although we said we had booked appointment with GP for referral as we know GD1 has bruising she has sent a report to Social Services and has told us the family will be investigated for abuse and medical. I am fully expecting a call tonight or morning asking that we take her to A&E, which I really don't want to do as last time we were treated like criminals. Can I insist we get referral thought private Health which the route we were going anyway. I am really worried, should we be getting legal representation at this stage
  6. Brendan if you have the time I would really appreciate the list, I'll message you my email address We will be ringing the GP tomorrow, especially as a letter has been received today that a Health Visitor wants to do a 30 month check on GD1, coincidental or what bruising update, the fringe is hiding the worst
  7. I have spoken to EDS UK this morning and they have advised referral to Professor Grahame via the GP in the first instance, fortunately my husband took out private health care for both girls and Professor Grahame's hospital on on their approved hospital list. I will keep you informed of the outcome as it may help others who find themselves in the same situation. Thank you for your time Brendan
  8. Thank You Brendan, I am going to speak to the EDS support first as things took a dramatic turn yesterday. GD1 took a tumble at school, slipped off an outside play toy but the resulting lump and bruising was horrific and I hate to contemplate the outcome if she hadn't of received this injury in the place she did. Her nursery teacher said in 18 years she has never seen such an extreme injury to a small knock about two hours after fall just came back from minor injuries unit this morning
  9. Thank you Brendan, I have found the following specialist in Paediatric Haematology http://theharleystreetclinic.co.uk/dr-josu-de-la-fuente/ do you think this would be a good starting point
  10. Brendan I posted on here about 18 months ago about my Son and Daughter In Law being accused of NAI due to bruising on my granddaughters arms and legs, the case was closed and there was no further involvement from SS. However 18 months on and my granddaughter still has loads of bruising coming up mainly on lower legs and some on her arms and I was wondering whether we should take her to the doctors and get her blood tested as it has now been noted by her pre-school teacher. I personally think she has a compromised immune system, but I don't want the whole saga to start up again as it was a horrible experience. To give you some background to why I think it's her immune system I have two granddaughters, there is only 11 months between them GD1 is 28 months and GD2 is 17 months, GD2 was born while SS were investigating GD1. When GD1 was a month old she was very ill, it took about two weeks for her to be diagnosed with pyloric stenosis, as 'it's very uncommon in girls', she lost a lot of weight and had to have an operation to correct it. GD1 never crawled she bum shuffled and was very late walking and talking, she is very pale, goes red in the sun and marks easily, in comparison her sister GD2 was early crawling, was walking before she was one and speaking, has a more olive complexion and never seems to have a mark on her. GD1 attends pre-school nursery four afternoons a week which she loves and is a happy healthy child. I would have thought the hospital would have ran every conceivable blood test given her history, but I'm wondering whether there is something not quite right with her that has been missed, or are we just all over reacting because of the previous SS involvement. I have done some searching on the internet and the topic comes up quite often with mothers querying the fact their toddlers are covered in bruises, and most answers are it's normal at that age. What is your professional opinion.
  11. Having been through a similar situation recently the advise I offer is Keep calm, fact finding is exactly as it says, they will want to gather information from your health visitors, doctors and also look at police records. You are now in a world where as opposed to law courts you are now guilty until proven innocent. Work with and not against Social workers and the HA, you may not like it but it helps. Also it helped me to understand that they are there to protect children especially those that cannot talk, there have been many high profile cases of extreme child abuse ie Victoria Climbie, Baby P, Trya Henry, Keanu Williams etc etc, there are some very nasty people out there. Make sure the Grandparents stick to what they have agreed with Social Services they are there to keep the baby/child safe until the fact finding is complete, so if they agree that they will not allow the parents unsupervised access then they should stick to this, it will keep your youngster within the family unit, and if there really has been no excessive force or rough handling you should be fine, the reason this is probably going on is you cannot state 'on this date at this time at this second my child obtained these bruises for this reason' My family have now come through this and our case is closed there has been no wrong doing and the HA are satisfied, I am not happy about how we have been treated but I am happy to move forward and get them out of our lifes, the one major difference to your situation is the police took no further action whereas you have been bailed ??? ps I am the Grandmother
  12. Brendan and Gemma Thank you so much for your advice and time, I know through my own research that we have been very lucky with the outcome, it could have been so much worse. Kim xx
  13. Daughter in law has just spoken to SW who said that they are subject to further enquiry under section 47, but he was busy out of the office all day, do we need to engage legal rep at this stage
  14. From my personal experience eldest son and my son have good relationship and home life is good, he does well at school and is a popular teenager liked by all My question I suppose is what happens now, do we need to be doing anything, I will do everything within my power to stop this family being torn apart
  15. Brendan Thank you so much for your prompt reply, to answer a few of your questions No fractures were found from x rays We were not allowed in the x ray room when they were taken and E was in there I would say for about 20 mins, we could hear her screaming from outside. I held E for the bloods tests which also took along time again she was screaming and very distressed and has brushing resulting from this We were present for the body mapping, the next morning my daughter in law asked for other bruises that had appeared on her arms as a result of all the tests to be mapped, when daughter in law was shown body mapping at police station she said it was not the original we were present at and that other marks had been added which made it look far worse As far as I'm aware the DV was not physical but then I do not know everything that goes on in the relationship I am mortified that this is happening, in shock and feel physically sick that this can happen Will send you my contact no privately, we are expecting to hear from SS tomorrow afternoon I never in a million years thought it would be as serious as having both children removed, what about daughter in law eldest son who is 15, no one gave a fig about him while this was all going on in fact was told he is 15 he can take care of himself