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  1. can u refer me to someone please thats not expenssive to win this case.. my parents have there own place, close with the kids, dad is a manager etc
  2. who can they speak to? can u refer for me please they live in tottenham london, but dont want to pay crazy mmoney, there worried of failing they want there grandkids
  3. hello i am desperate to know is it to late for my parents to do a SGO? last court case placement orders was made to be done... social services are now looking for adopters for my two children. i dont know what to do, I've heard of McKenzie friend but what exactly can they do and how do i go by it?? its for my parents as they want to have full care of there grandchildren, they failed the last assessment due to there was problems and couldn't have the kids during court proceedings temporary.. but now change of circumstances and can fully care for them till 18. help please ASAP!!! i now see my kids once a month
  4. so if they got in touch with mckenzie what exactly could they do, cause the social worker said they cant do that ... =/ that its to late theyd have to wait at court but theyll have the upper hand again..
  5. hello my name is Claire im 22 years old, have my own place with my partner which is the father of our two beautiful children.. since Feb 2015 our children was put under sec 20 at the court, they've been in care since, we would have contact 3 days a week, but since Jan 12th 2016 we lost custody of our babies.. we fought so hard everyone was shocked of the outcome, im still in shock, i dont know what to do. ive been told i have no grounds to appeal by mine and partners solicitors. my partners a while ago undertook a test but failed as they said there was problems they wouldn't be able to care for them, we never fully new about the SGO you could do, but now the L.A - local authority is saying it's to late to do the test, yet they haven't got adopters yet for our two children, i dont know what to do, im in pieces... we cant lose our babies, my parents are able to care for them now, as been change of circumstances for them but still wont allow =[ im on benefits with my partner.. my mum doesn't earn much what can we do????