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    Proving Social Errors in my case, they victimised me and intimidated me, now they have my grandaugther and I wont give in until shes back...
  1. With all the present protesting in London, on the 16th April, everyone has called for as many people to join in London for a peaceful protest, this is my third protest at standing up to the government for justice and rights- you will see me with my banner as will be at the front - anyone want to join let me know x Theres many people protesting, so the more innocent protesting people should go to London and meet me there- you'll know me by my Tamworth banner Its disgusting the way our government treats all human beings, where have Britains lights gone, because the voting system doesn't make a difference. Stand up, bring your bodies to make a difference while you can. Luv Sharron x
  2. My youngest daughter was living with me due to my daughter getting pregnant at 15, birth at 16, and having a lot of problems being a young mother not helped by her fathers illegal actions with piracy causing neighbourhood problems taken out on my all family, suffered predjudice and bullied by police and social services. Social had an issue ref my daughter and care of my granddaughter when she was 5, even though she lived with me, they took my granddaughter from my house in July 2014, and when I tried for care of my granddaughter , this evidence had been falsified to my daughters fathers convictions from 2002?? , when I received these notes only 2 weeks before the case being brought to me in 2015. I could not believe they just changed his name to mine and to be honest I don't know what the hell happened, social services refused legal aid assistance, so a late paid solicitor is a useless one. The courts also didn't receive the any evidence from myself until the day of court, the judge gave me 10 minutes to present my case!! Currently looking for represent any help greatfully received. Kind regards to all xx
  3. Thank you so much for the advice, i have been fighting this the wrong way, and will focus on proving my case right. I have all paperwork from 2002. That's great if I can use lack of legal representation against the care order too, however cant fund a lawyer due to not working as have a long term illness. Will look at 'social check list' and prepare that way. Your so right about the courts, when i proved Social Worker errors and false evidence, the social worker involved was just moved to another area!! , he should of been sacked. I feel the road is getting clearer again thanks so much.
  4. Social Services finally wrecked my life after 14 years of me being on there radar of prejudice due to having an ex husband with a prison sentence. In July 28th 2014, my granddaughter was taken off me outside school by social after an illegal swap test, without interview, and wrecked my life. Went to court Feb 2015, where social workers delayed evidence, they also falsified evidence which I proved as agreed in court, but I was badly represented, my representation was sitting outside court drinking coffee due to a late payment by his words. The Judge asked social services "why did she not have legal aid?" Since this, I have no sense from Tamworth social, and resulted to protesting. Social Services are supposed to support and protect families, but there are some particular few social workers with too much power and no reconciliation. I am desperate for someone to make sense as I feel social have committed a crime by taking my granddaughter.